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Sunday, November 04, 2007


Want advice on booze? Ask a drunk. Want advice on games? Don't ask a drunk.

Had two different people at two different times recommend the game Taboo while at work tonight.

Seems to be a popular game with the horny, drunk crowd.

I don't believe I have ever been drunk enough to play Taboo. I may have been horny enough at some point in time, but fortunately Taboo was never brought into the equation.

Now when I get drunk and horny I won't settle for anything less than Puerto Rico, baby.
Actually this whole episode makes me glad I don't drink.

I will now go hug my Advanced Civilization playing wife who just asked me the other day if she could throw out Pictionary because, "we are never going to play that again."

What's sillier than drawing risque pictures with drunk people (how else could you draw a cockroach?). Toss the game with my blessings.
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