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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Quick thoughts on Marvel HeroScape

I've always maintained that HeroScape is an upper tier game to play with children. If it does have a downside it's that players generally need to control more than one set of characters in order for the game to be balanced among all the players. This does not mean that children will wisely choose a combination of characters which will keep the game balanced.

Marvel HeroScape is much better in this regard. With a large group each child controls exactly one character. No fuss. No hard feelings when the awesome ninja guys are all killed by the second round.

Marvel HeroScape is much in need of expansions. The same old characters do get boring for kids. Unfortunately, I suspect Hasbro made a wise marketing decision to not include as many characters in the base game as they did with the original HeroScape. I know I will be buying expansions. Hasbro knows this too. Hope they are available by Christmas.

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