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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just to enter the evidence into the record I may have encountered a fellow Fairbanks blogger this evening.

Did any of my fellow bloggers get kicked out of a cab tonight?

On one hand I probably overreacted. On the other hand I was pretty much fed up with passive aggressive drunk chicks and you were the final straw.... Beyond the final straw. Stupid drunk chicks who thought they were cute as hell were a dime a dozen last night and they were all taking cabs. There is no way I was going to drive you all the way across town. Not at that particular moment. At that particular moment I would have rather shot myself.

The guy I picked up after you wanted to fight. It was a refreshing change.

The next group of people met at the bar and decided to party together after the bars closed. Only two of the four knew each other. When they got out of the cab one lady had a paranoid schizophrenic melt down. I was left to deal with it. It was a piece of cake after dealing with young stupid drunk chick party girls all night.

I might have even eventually forgotten my first meeting with you until your much drunker friend tried to spit on me when she was getting out.

Still, could be that this was a random chick and not a fellow blogger. The resemblance was striking.

Not me! You have no idea how proud I am that I can say that. This time, it was not me. Small victories.
Whew. I thought it might have been you.

I have never seen you in any form other than a 3x3 inch picture, at best.

As time passes I do feel sorry for the poor gal, and kinda like an ass myself. I was pretty rude. She took the brunt of my aggitation which had been building for 7 or 8 hours at that point.

At least she didn't reach over and crank the volume on the radio. I might have ended up in jail had that happened.
To add to the story:

There are 2 people in this town who I absolutely refuse to give a ride. There have been a few others who have made my S-list for a short time. There are a dozen or so who I won't give a ride unless they pay up front.

Then there is my nemesis.

She is a bartender who is the epitome of self absorbed party girls. She annoys the hell out of me. However, as a bartender she sends a lot of business our way.

I had just (and I mean just) dropped her off and she was in fine form. On the way to the bar she took 2 cell phone calls from other cab drivers and rudely told both, "Sorry, we caught another cab."

She had called my company and 2 individual drivers for a ride (at least). In this town if you get caught double or triple calling cabs you get left. We old time cab drivers are pretty good about nipping this behavior in the bud.

I should have kicked her out. I was mad at myself for not doing so. She was with a group, so what do you do? The cab driver who loses the company her business will have hell to pay. I've overheard her conversations in the cab and she is a vindictive bitch.

Grin, bear it, and take it out on the next passenger. Bad move. I am at peace with myself having decided that the next time she is a bitch I'll kick her out.

Better yet, I'll just put her on the S-list.
Wow. Well, I'm certainly glad it wasn't me as well. I haven't any run-ins with male cab drivers. I almost got my ass kicked by a female driver at the Marlin several weeks ago, but that's about it. Is Coldfoot your handle on the job?
I'm Brian. I only drive a couple days a week, but always at night and for King/Alaska Cab. 452-2222
With the little girls in need of bedtime, I never get to go out long enough to need a ride home, so I knew it wasn't me.
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