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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A couple pictures-BGG.con 2007

Found the camera yesterday. Blogger finally let me upload some pictures late today.

Didn't take many pictures this year. My el-cheapo camera causes me more aggravation than it is worth. Thought I would just put that frustration behind me and play games, but I do need blog material so I compromised and took a few pictures.

His "security detail" allowed me to kiss his ring and pose briefly with the Godfather himself, game publisher Jay Tummelson.

Game designer Friedemann Friese wishing he was somewhere, anywhere else, rather than next to this freak with the beard and cargo strap for a belt.

The running of the geeks, or the Saturday morning flea market. Oh. Did I mention I scored We the People?

Main game room. Generally we had plenty of table space this year. Space did get tight a couple times. The vendor areas were along the sides of the room in the area with the vertical partitions.

By Sunday afternoon the con was breaking up. There were a few die hard hanger-on-ers

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