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Friday, September 28, 2007


Boardgame surprise/You never know where you might find a gamer.

The local Fred Meyers store (think "Target") was having a sale on boardgames, so I loaded the kids and went to pick up some HeroScape expansions. As I was standing in the checkout line the most unlikely person in the world said, "HeroScape, that's a good game."

After overcoming my initial shock I said, "Oh. Do you play?"

"We play lots of games."

"Oh, like what?"

"Ever heard of Descent?"

Becoming interested I am, "Oh yeah. I've got Descent."

"I play Descent with my husband."

That's about the time my kids piped in, "My dad has lots of games," and proceeded to tell her about playing games at the Boys and Girls Club.

Well to keep a short story short, the lady also lives in North Pole, but she made it abundantly clear she and her husband wouldn't be interested in playing boardgames with a guy she just met in the checkout line.

Obviously not a real gamer.

Sadly I never did learn what she meant by, "we play lots of games." She probably meant Munchkin and Killer Bunnies, but in my fantasy I will keep alive the hope she meant Tigris and Euphrates, and Advanced Squad Leader.

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