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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Suggestion for Mike Rowe and the Producers of "Dirty Jobs"

Restroom undercover cop in the Minneapolis Airport.

Mike Rowe should perform as a Chip and Dale Dancer. That could get "nasty," if he got down amd "dirty!"
mike should go to my dads job.he hauls smashed chicken guts,blood & feathers mixed together to grain into dog & cat food. Leon Jones Feed & Grain in cumming Ga.Forsyth County. My dads name is Shane Winters.
Hey Mike you wanna a drity job well i got one for you and let me tell u it ante for the fanit of heart cleaning the bottum of a tall ship,replace the copper plating and cleaning the bilgs by hand EWWWWW!!! good luck tryinm to find one like that tho P.S. i wood like it to be the pearl if possalb if not then plz let it be somtin like the "Brig Lady Wasington"
Anyone who has any experience with asphalt paving knows its a dirty job (and very HOT-right up there with hot tar roofing) My haubby comes home covered in nastiness most of the time and I'm even considering putting a second washing machine in the garage just for his work clothes (it'd probably be cheaper than throwing them away after a days work) So wadda ya say Mike, wanna give it a try?
I would like to see mike perform work as a boilermaker it is hot sweaty rough and dirty all rolled into one it is absolutely nessasary to have work clothes completely separate from other clothes steel toe boots ear plugs hard hat safety glasses face sheilds welding hood safety googles soap stone should check out fossil power plants we have dirty favorites like the dead air space wet bottom steam drum but its a great job and I love it I think Mike would too
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