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Monday, August 06, 2007


Do you remember these?

Ahhhhh. Music from an age when musicians wore suits and pedal steel guitars were still in style.

Still farting around with YouTube. Found a few more songs that weren't too bad quality. These are posted mostly for my own sake. I grew up listening to these songs. When I was growing up the radio was always tuned to KMON, country music broadcasting from Great Falls, Montana. I haven't heard many of these songs in years, and it was great fun perusing YouTube listening to some of the oldies. I suppose I ought to buy an I-Pod and download my favorites, but until then I'll just tune into my blog.

Just ignore me. I'll post some game content when summer is over and it gets cold enough and dark enough for people to put their fishing poles away and stop fishing all night.

A link is provided for each of the songs that you must go to YouTube to view.

How in the world did I forget this one: Larry Gatlin: The Lady Takes the Cowboy Everytime
Smoooooooooooth talker
Somethin' somethin' somethin'
Hmmmmm hmmmm hm hmmm hm
'cause she's just dyin' to do the Texas Two Step
She just can't wait to strut her stuff dancin' to the Cotton Eyed Joe

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