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Friday, July 06, 2007

Our annual 4th of July boardgame extravaganza in Denali Nat'l Park had a good turnout this year. Everyone had a lot of fun. The weather was not constantly rainy/drizzly as in years gone by, in fact it only rained at night.

For the first time ever there were more gamers from Anchorage than Fairbanks. Several of my Fbx gaming buds failed to show for reasons yet unexplained, but this was more than offset by the new attendees from Anchorage.

Played Friedrich, 1835 a couple times, Age of Empires III, Imperial a couple times, Antike, Lifeboats with the kids, introduced Puerto Rico to a newbie, and Hollywood Blockbuster among several other games.

Too bad it wasn't an extended weekend, but we'll be back for four days next year.

Now that I'm finally unpacked and have found the camera look for pictures in the next couple days.

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