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Wednesday, June 27, 2007



I just put in the effort to comb through the UN website and check on the abortion status of every country in the world. For my own future reference, and for any readers who may be interested I post my findings here. I didn't want all that effort to be hidden away on page five on a contentious thread on BGG that may eventually get deleted.

I found six countries that allowed women unrestricted access to abortion. They are: Canada, Cuba, Viet Nam, China, North Korea, and Cambodia. A seventh country, Hungary, allowed almost unrestricted access.


Upon reading the fine print Cuba requires parental consent for minors and counseling after the first trimester

Cambodia recently enacted laws that only allow unlimited access in the first trimester

North Korea only allows abortion up to the seventh month.
John Waters once remarked he'd like to be a woman, but only so that he could get an abortion.

Life's funny sometimes.
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