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Thursday, June 21, 2007


That uncomfortable lecture every dad has to give his girls...

...What do you do if you see a bear when you are outside playing?

There have been 8 grizzly bears killed in the area so far this year. That is abnormally high. Seven were justified shootings in protection of life and/or property. One bear was illegally shot not far from my home, troopers are investigating.

My kids have never seen a bear in the wild. Wouldn't want them to panic in the face of a bear, because after I have my heart attack they will have to fend for themselves.

But on the bright side since this is Fairbanks I won't have to give the snake, tornado, alligator, scorpion, golf-ball-sized-hail, or gang-shooting while you are in the yard lectures.

You skipped hurricane.
Tropical storm Dame Coldfoot is forming over the Atlantic, and expected to gain hurricane status before making landfall in North Pole.
Compared the other uncomfortable lecture every dad should give his girls (good touch-bad touch), this should have been a piece of cake.
I let Elmo handle that lecture.
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