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Saturday, June 09, 2007


Sometimes people sicken me

Ride #1.

Picked up three drunk natives at a hotel. On the way to the bar they started discussing their "babysitter."

Seems as though they met a stranger at the hotel bar who offered to babysit their one and eight year old while they went partying. The lady asked me if I would leave my kids with a stranger.

"Hell no. Are you crazy?"

"Well he's a military guy and he seemed like a nice guy."

"All child molesters seem like nice guys."

One of the guys chimed in, "I can tell a good guy and he was a good guy."

I said, "You actually left your 1 and 8 year old children with a guy you don't even know?"

The conversation degenerated from there. The woman got mad at me for implying she was a bad parent. I tried to sneakily get the names of the passengers, but was unsuccessful.

Thought about calling the police, but what could I tell them. Didn't have a name, room number, or anything. Called the hotel to ask if they remembered 3 drunks getting into a cab and which room they might have been in. That was futile.

I can not believe there are people in this world who are so irresponsible.

Ride #2.

Picked up a GI at WalMart at 4 a.m. He was mashing out with an underage girl in the parking lot. She left in the vehicle they were making out in. As soon as he got into the cab he called her and talked for the entire trip.

This 19 or 20 year old GI was perverted years beyond his age. The phone conversation started with licking feet and f***ing toes. The conversation advanced to all the things he wanted to do to her. This little pervert really thought he was Casanova.

He was so disgusting that I felt the need to Lysol the cab after he got out, and I haven't exactly lead a sheltered life.

The girl was young enough that she had to sneak into the house without waking her parents. I know this because I was listening to his side of the conversation, and it was pretty clear.

She was just eating up the attention he was giving her.

So. Anyway. If you have a daughter who was driving a white, extended cab pickup, went out on Friday night, and possibly went to the movies with a GI on Saturday, you need to ground her for the rest of the summer.

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