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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Something needs to give

Everyone bailed on the last two game days that the wife and I had planned. Summer is just a bad time to plan indoor activities in Alaska. If I can't get game content posted to this blog I ought to change the name to &Pushing Hack.

Anyhoooo. Here's today's taxi story.

Picked up a drunk lady downtown. She was staggering, and obviously too drunk to get into the bars.

"Take me to Smith's* house." (Yes, being the fairly small town that Fairbanks is, I knew exactly whose house she was talking about, even with a name as common as Smith.)

"Do you have money?"

"Yes. I have money." She pulled some money out of her pocket and showed me.

She got in the cab and started complaining about Fairbanks. Everyone in Fairbanks is stuck up. Everyone in Fairbanks thinks they are better than me. Everyone in Fairbanks is an asshole. I wish I was back home or in Anchorage, because everyone in Fairbanks looks down on me. Yadi, yadi, yada.

About half way to our destination she asked me to call Smith to see if he would pay for the ride.

"You have your own money."

"Yeah, but only two dollars."

Sure enough, the wad of money she showed me was a total of 2 one dollar bills.

Now Smith is a pretty good guy from a cabby's point of view. He frequently pays the cab fare of drunk women who unexpectedly show up on his doorstep. But sometimes Smith isn't home, sometimes he is sleeping and won't answer the door, or sometimes he will tell the chick to get lost.

I decided not to call Smith at 1 a.m. If he knew we were coming he might not answer his door. I figured I had a 50/50 chance of getting the rest of the money if we continued on to Smith's house. 50/50 isn't bad odds on a slow night. The total fare would only be 7 or 8 dollars anyway. I brought the woman the rest of the way, all the time listening to her talk poorly of everyone in Fairbanks.

We arrived, knocked on his door, Smith answered and paid the remainder of the cab fare albeit reluctantly.

As I walked away the woman yelled "fat ass" at me and slammed the door.

I was not about to let that comment slide, not after listening to her berate the people of Fairbanks for being rude.

I went back to the house, knocked on the door, and then barged right in when no one would answer.

"Listen lady, that comment was completely uncalled for. I was nothing but polite to you. I even gave you a ride here when I wasn't sure I would get paid. It's no wonder people in Fairbanks are rude to you if you treat them like that."

My jaw must have hit the floor when she apologized. It was even a sincere apology.

FYI: It's called "projection" lady. Look it up in a psychology textbook.

* As usual, names have been changed, but truly the guy's last name is nearly as common as "Smith".

Good for you. Keep them coming.
I love your blog. Taxi stories - this stuff is priceless. Keep up the good work.
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