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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


She may not have been the worst passenger ever...

...but she was in the top one and a half.

I would not want to be her ex-husband.

Apparently she is frequently calling the dispatchers and owner of the company to complain about me. Am told she is threatening to report me to the police...

Whatever. You go girl.

Just in case the phsyco bitch from hell is serious about calling the police I figure I had better hold the story. Wouldn't put it past her to make up a whopper of a story to tell the cops. As a matter of fact, she did call the bar where I picked her up. She gave them a story that prompted the head bartender to call the company and say she would never again call my cab company.

I told the dispatchers not to give her my name, not that they would, but I figured I had better reiterate it. I think this particular phsyco bitch might slash my tires or burn my house if she were to find out where I live.

My crime? Well, let me see:

I'm white trash. I'm just a cab driver. I'll never have as much money as her. I don't know her. I rip people off. I'm an asshole. I'm stupid. I only care about myself. There is more, but the biggie is: I didn't think she was cute enough to warrant a free ride.

Hey there. Like the cab stories on your blog. They're a great resource for people who are thinking about driving a cab. You show them what the job's really like.

I run a blog about workforce development and job training issues, and I'm going to have a post about cabbie blogs tomorrow. it will include a link to &games.
I'd take the spam down, but I am wondering how he managed to get a direct link to his site just by clicking on his name.

How do you do that anyway?

If this works, then you just log in as "other" and put something in "your website". Its in the system...
Thanks. That seems awfully simple.

No. That didn't work.
I must be missing something
test test
Ahhhhhh haaaaaaa. Got it. Need to include the whole http slash slash etc.
This conversation cracks me up.
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