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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Sam Malone: Who's there? Coach: Me. Who's there? Sam: Coach? Coach: No. I'm Coach.

In the lull after a mad bar-closing-rush it is common for several cab drivers to congregate back at the dispatch office. On this particular night I was one of those drivers.

The dispatcher got up to use the bathroom and the phone started ringing, so being closest to the phone I sat down and started dispatching. After 10 minutes the dispatcher still wasn't back and a call came in from the zone where the office is located.

The driver who was up for the call wasn't answering his radio. The second driver up for the call (#44) wasn't answering his radio either. The third driver was standing in the office shooting the breeze. Before giving the trip to him I pondered to myself, "I wonder if the driver of #44 is also standing around gabbing," because off the top of my head I could not remember who was driving #44.

"Hey," I shouted, "is one of you guys driving 44?"

They looked at each other. "It's none of us."

After a pause (and you saw this coming), "Aren't you driving 44?"

As a matter of fact I was driving 44 that night.

It wasn't that funny, but no one who was there will ever let me forget it.

As long as you don't pick up the nickname "44", huh? ;) I had a chuckle at that story. I'm sure we can all relate to a situation like that...
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