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Thursday, June 07, 2007


An explanation

I made a comment in passing on my previous post about holding the story just in case flaming hell bitch called the cops. Putting myself in the shoes of my readers I asked, "Why would I say that I would hold the story? After all it is a pretty good story."

I have had precisely one serious encounter with the Fairbanks police. I was merely a witness to a crime.

I witnessed a cop beat the living tar out of a petite, drunk, native female. I saw the events leading up to the beating, and I can definitively tell you that this particular woman did not raise a hand to the officer, and did not threaten him in any way. In my opinion the cop was looking for someone to beat up. The beating was so outrageous that I put my gun where it could be more easily accessed in case this cop realized there was a witness and tried to do who-knows-what to me.

I'm not exactly proud of myself, but there was another cop arriving on the scene so I made the decision not to rush to the woman's aid. I thought they might try to arrest me on trumped up charges of interfering, or even worse, if I layed a hand on the cop would he be justified to shoot me? In addition I had a gun. People carrying a concealed weapon are held to a higher standard, and can't go looking for a fight (and that is exactly how this would be portrayed in court). I made the decision that I could best help this lady by being a witness, not a vigilante. I should add this was all happening right outside the police station, so I didn't have to go far to talk to a supervisor when the incident was over.

Anyhooooooo, I could bore you with a long, involved story, or cut to the chase. A couple days later I was interviewed by the police concerning the beating. I saw first hand how easy it was to take my statement and completely twist it to mean the exact opposite of what I said.

I was merely a witness and I would strongly encourage each and every one of you to never ever make a statement, nor even talk to the police without a lawyer present. Cops do this everyday, you are not smart enough to keep them from twisting your words. I can attest it is so easy to twist words to make a maggot cop look like a hero that you would be appalled.

And that is why you might have to wait many months for the details on this particular story.

Should add that the flaming hell bitch indicated she had a friend in the police dept. to whom she would make the complaint. Probably a lie, but who knows.

I'm intrigued by the beating story. I hope justice is done. Good luck with the complaint.
Actually the beating story happened a few years back. Maggot cop is still around. I think the woman may have gotten a settlement of some sort.

I persuaded her to get a lawyer. Talked to the lawyer a few months later, he made it clear that the case was still open and the preceedings were confidential. I understand maggot cop was on administrative leave during that time period, but I have no real information.

Haven't seen the woman since.
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