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Friday, May 18, 2007


Leprechauns and women who love them

Two ladies were talking in the back of my cab. They were talking about odd people.

One lady started telling a story about a guy who actually thought he was a leprechaun. This goofy leprechaun would get drunk, ride his unicycle and make balloon animals.

Now I'm thinking to myself, "Hey, I knew a guy like that," but the guy I knew who pretended to be a leprechaun lived in the lower 48, and that was 12 or 15 years ago. The more they talked, the more I thought that it sounded like the guy I had known, but it seemed as though the guy they were talking about lived in Fairbanks.

I interrupted their conversation, "How long has this guy been in Fairbanks, anyway?"

"Oh. He doesn't live up here. I knew him in the lower 48."


"Billings, actually!!! But he spent a lot of time in Missoula. You know him?"

"That guy annoyed the hell out of me."

"He was a dumb ass, but he was so cute when he was drunk."

"He used to annoy customers in the restaurant that I lived above. They were kicking him out all the time."

"I can't believe you know him...."

Likewise lady.

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Biby Cletus said...
Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Well Biby. Just out of curiosity let us see if it was interesting enough for you to surf back to. If you do you can repost the links to your blog.

BTW, Biby's blog was pretty interesting, that is the only reason I didn't just delete his "form letter" comment.
Small world, heh?

I haven't heard the term 'lower 48' before to refer to the contiguous states. I was thinking "but what about Hawaii?", but a little research reveals that the term arose before Hawaii became a state. I also read that Alaskans often simply call the 'lower 48' states the 'Outside' (or is Wikipedia pulling my leg?).
And I guess Hawaii is technically not contiguous with the other 48...
Every place not in Alaska is "Outside".

ie. "I haven't been Outside for 10 years," meaning I haven't left Alaska for a decade. "Outside" is a very widely used term up here. I would guess that it is a more commonly used term than "lower 48", with which most Americans are familiar.
When I was waiting tables during college, that leprechaun guy used to tip me in ballon animals. Yeah, they were cute, but cash was better.
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