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Monday, May 07, 2007


Double Dang

Still haven't had the opportunity to play many games, so here's a short taxi story, and another short story.

Went to the Alaska Bar Association's annual banquet with the wife last week. Got to shake the hand of Chief Justice John Roberts, and heard him speak that evening. Even got my picture taken with him, although I can't prove it.

One of the attorneys my wife works with introduced us and told the Chief Justice it was my birthday (which wasn't much of a stretch, my birthday was a few days previous) and asked if we could get a picture. I guess the Chief Justice does not do photos, his aide was clearly ready to say no, but Justice Roberts said, "Well, since it is his birthday."

The wife and I posed with Justice Roberts, our attorney friend snapped the picture, the camera flashed, and the low battery signal came on. No picture.

Dang, dang, dangity, dang.


Picked up a lady at the University. She was going a fair distance, would have been a 12-15 dollar trip, I suppose.

First thing she said when she got into the cab was to ask me to turn the radio off.


"I don't want to listen to it."

Now this was a conundrum. Ian Punnitt was interviewing Saint John Hunt (not a real saint, but his real name) on Coast to Coast Live. Saint John Hunt is the son of E. Howard Hunt of Watergate, and CIA fame. For the first time ever Saint John was airing an audio tape his father made concerning his recollection of events leading up the JFK assassination.

JFK assassination. A CIA agents memoirs of multiple meetings leading up to the big event in Dallas. Interesting stuff. Very interesting.

I tried to cajole her, "This is a very interesting story about the CIA's involvement with the Kennedy assassination."

"I don't want to listen to it."

"This is the memoirs of E. Howard Hunt. E. HOWARD HUNT from Watergate."

"Can you turn it off?"

I was torn............ It would be less than a 10 minute cab ride, but I would miss 10 minutes of the show.

"I'm going to listen to it. Want me to get you another cab, or do you want to call a different company?"

"Well if you have to listen to it you can call me another cab."

"I have to listen to it."


"Have a nice evening."

At that point, and for the next 10 minutes, there was nothing but commercials.

Not sure I would have made the same choice. Surely you could have counted on the program being rebroadcast or taped by someone, or uploaded to the Internet, no?

That would be like skipping a concert in favor of listening to a bootleg recording of the event.

JFK. CIA. Conspiracy. The only thing it's missing to be the perfect story is a Johnny Cash, and Reiner Knizia connection.
Doesn't this tell you something? Women do not like talk radio. It also proves the old adage that the customer is always right.
How does this prove that the customer is always right?

Had I been listening to "A Prairie Home Companion" there would have been no conundrum. I'm listening to the radio, you need to get out whether you want to or not, because I won't tolerate a bunch of bitching during during that show.
"D'oh!" x 2
I was listening to that show as The Mrs. began to slumber. With earplugs in. I think that perhaps (via action) she agrees with Dame Koldfoot.
Sheesh. Women.
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