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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The staff and management of &games sends their condolences and prayers to the victims, families, and friends of the Virginia Tech shooting. Truly a sad event.

The fall out of the event boils down to this:

If you think more gun control is necessary, this event will help solidify your opinion.

If you think one legally armed student or faculty member could have prevented or minimized the tragedy your opinion will be bolstered.

Personally, I would rather face a deranged murderer with a gun in my possession than without. I would not wish anyone to be unarmed in the face of mayhem.

I do note that none of the prominent politicians running for President are touching this event with a ten foot pole. Odd. Big chance to rally the base and present one's self as a leader in the time of crisis. Could this be proof that all the candidates are wishy washy, spineless, wait to see which way the wind blows, morons? I believe it is.

On a completely personal note, and I do feel guilty for feeling this way, I am glad Don Imus is no longer the main news story. That story was getting old, and showing no signs of abating.

At least the media found this event horrible enough to replace the Anna Nicole Smith "tragedy" in the headlines.
Fred Thompson just published an essy (you can find it on the web) saying people are safer with guns than without. Good for him.
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