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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


It's that time of year already?

It's March already? After a mild December and January, it has been cold lately. Alaska cold. It has been down to -40 and colder at Coldfoot Manor almost every morning for the last three weeks.

Anyway. March. March means Brimfrost. Brimfrost, is the only game convention in Alaska. It will be held this next weekend in Anchorage at the Egan Center. I'm looking forward to meeting several people who I only get to see a couple times each year, and I'm looking forward to playing some games.

The event is mostly geared toward miniature gamers, HeroClix and CCGers. Boardgamers are usually relegated to a corner, but it's the corner where all the handsome guys and babes are lingering. I will be bringing a carload of games. Other people will be bringing games. We should have a good selection.

Prices are: $10 for one day, $20 for a weekend pass.

I note that there will be a Catan tournament sponsored by Boscos. The wife and I played in the Catan tourney last year, won gift certificates, and never used them. I wonder if the wife still knows where they are?

Note to wife: Don't let me forget to bring the camera.

Note to Cisco: Be prepared to teach Die Macher.

Note to babes: Dame Coldfoot will not be accompanying me this weekend.

The gift certificates, if they are not expired, are on top of the water cooler, where they have been since last Brim Frost.

Note to Hubby: Don't forget to bring the camera, which is also on top of the water cooler, and your long shirts. I don't want any gamer babes getting a free eyefull when you bend over the Advanced Civilization table (it's OK if you charge for a look-it will help defray the cost of your trip). The little Koldfeet and I will be huddled around the fire trying to stay warm and dumpster diving for food while you're living it up at the convention. No, go--don't feel guilty about leaving us here.

Note to gamer babes: HANDS OFF, HE IS MINE. Looking is allowed at $5.00 per glance.
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