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Monday, March 26, 2007


I'm a gamer, Jim. Not a photographer.

As promised here are a few more photos from the World Ice Art Championship.

Such as they are.

A few of them turned out. Most turned out more blurry than this:

You can at least tell this is a shark.

I shall relegate myself to daytime photography in the future.

Here are the ones that turned out.

This one had a snake rising from a basket on the rear hump. Saw a picture with the snake on a blog, or in the newspaper earlier in the month. It had shattered before I got there.

This Rushmore imitation depicts some Alaskans of note. None of whom would be familiar to most of my readers.

I should note that these photos are just a few of the pieces of art on display. I only took a picture of every 3rd or 4th sculpture, and only posted a few of those. Many of the sculptures are rather abstract. Good, but abstract. Those don't really interest me.

Others are so big and involved that it is hard to take a picture of more than a corner of the piece and still retain high enough resolution, such as this:


I miss Ice Art.
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