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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Brimfrost and back

Attended the Brimfrost game convention in Anchorage this weekend. We had a better turnout of boardgamers this year than previous years. I was mostly able to stay busy playing boardgames all weekend.

The highlight for me was finally winning with the Prussians in a game of Friedrich. I got to play Family Business and Yspahan for the first time, and I won the Catan tournament. I was on a bit of a roll that afternoon, we played two preliminary rounds of Catan and a final round of which I won every game I played.

I left Fairbanks for the convention early Friday morning. The sky was as clear, the air was crisp. I made a couple stops to snap some pictures.

The sky was so clear that there were multiple sun dogs (rainbows around the sun) if you look closely you can see a second sun dog near the right edge of the photo. The mountains in the distance are obscured by blowing snow, not clouds.

Some random mountain that looked much cooler in person than it does in the photo. The morning sun reflecting off the side of the mountain as contrasted to the shadows in the valley was impressive at the time.

Although it is possible to see Mount McKinley from the highway, it is usually obscured by clouds. This was the first time I have seen McKinley on the road to Anchorage in a couple years.

At this elevation, on top of the Alaska Range, the landscape is quite tundra-esque. The wind at this elevation that morning was in-frickin'-tense. The temperature was only -10 F. but the wind was screaming across the top of the mountains. In addition, the sun was so bright, and directly at my back, that I couldn't see the view finder on my digital camera. It was too damn cold to try and position myself so that my shadow was over the view finder so I could see what I was snapping a picture of. I just stepped out of my car, pointed the camera in the general direction and snapped several pictures, hoping one would turn out.

Nice pictures of some beautiful landscapes. Looking at them made me feel a little cooler sitting here in the heat and humidity of east coast Australia. :)
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