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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Stumbled across this on Boardgamegeek

Looking at some comments about a certain moderately-hyped game I ran across this comment which made me laugh.

Rating 10: i would give an 8 but i want to make the average a little higher

The author does not rate any other game, and has posted 18 comments on BGG all of them concerning this particular game.

The honesty is refreshing.

The self centered little prick thinks his vote matters. How quaint.

I saw the same comment. It drives me crazy.

First rating for Lock 'n Load: Band of Brothers is:

10 - Im going to buy this game right now.
Judging from these screenshots it looks stunning.
Iain wins.
I think Aldie implemented a "no troglodytes" filter, so this guy's rating might not even count.

That filter's worked a lot better than previous filters ("Men with Hats", "No Fat Chicks", etc.).
I suspect you are correct. Just out of curiosity I averaged all the ratings on some hyped game a few months ago. The actual average is much higher than the posted average. I do know about the Bayesomething average that is used, and the actual average score does not correspond to that either. Not even close.
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