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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Maybe you had to be there, but it was funny at the time.

So, this cab driver gets sent to pick up at a certain address...

Shortly thereafter he came on the radio asking the dispatcher to repeat the address.

The dispatcher repeats the address. The driver says that address doesn't seem to exist. No problem, it happens all the time. The people will call back to complain that their cab never showed up and the dispatcher can get the correct address, or get accurate directions to the address.

Within 30 seconds the dispatcher calls back and says, "I just got off the phone with them. They say it's a church and it's in the middle of the block."

"There's no church on that block."

"It's supposed to be a little church with a sign printed in Korean on the lawn."

"Well, I'll go back and look."

A few minutes later, "I don't see a church or a Korean sign. I think they have the address wrong."

A few minutes later, "I just spoke to them again. This time I talked to someone who speaks English and he confirms the address."

"There is no church or a sign in Korean on that street. I even checked the surrounding blocks and I didn't see anything."

"They said they would send a kid out to the sidewalk to flag you down when you drove by."

"Fine. I'll go back."

At this point tempers are starting to flare. The dispatcher is busy and does not want this one call tying up his time. The driver is certain that they've got the address wrong, and doesn't want to waste his time looking for a person who doesn't know his own location.

A few minutes later a flustered cab driver came on the radio and said, "I've been up and down the street and the side streets and I don't see a kid, I don't see a church, and I don't see a Korean sign."

"I just got off the phone with them again."

"I think this is a crank call."

Tempers are really starting to flare at this point.

The exchange continued, "I've sent cabs there before."

"Not to this address you haven't."

The dispatcher responded, "I recognize the lady who is calling. She is a regular from (such and such an address). What street are you on?"

"I am at the corner of (such and such). I am looking at the green street signs."

By now both are really getting pissed.

"Well it should be right there."

"Yes. It most certainly should. There is no church on this block."

A third voice breaks into the ruckus, ".................," He keyed his mike for several seconds to ensure he had the floor. A voice with a calm drawl came on the radio, "Just calm down guys. The next time they call just tell them to walk to the nearest bar and have the bartender call. We'll find 'em."

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