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Saturday, February 03, 2007


Gotta scratch that itch

Warning: Completely self indulgent post follows. Nothing here to further the advancement of mankind, nor the hobby of gaming at all. There is nothing here that even I find humorous.

In our group we have access to all the top 50 games except Crokinole, Modern Art and Maharaja. Various people in the group own all of the top 50-100 games except Union Pacific, Bonaparte at Morengo, Santiago, The Republic of Rome, Blood Bowl, Time's Up, Space Hulk, and Die Saeulen der Erde.

Ya know what I want to play?

The revised Axis and Allies.

I mean I have really been craving a game of Axis and Allies for quite a while.

I know. I know.

I have access to grails (for lack of a better word) such as: Up Front, Hannibal RvC, La Citta, 1830, Civ and Advanced Civ, Roads and Boats, Antiquity, Dune, and Die Macher several of which I have never played. I also have access to lesser ranked grails such as Kremlin, Chinatown, Die Handler, Ambush, and possibly Merchant of Venus and Age of Renaissance (I don't know if he E-Bayed those or not).

Maybe I need to start hanging out at the University dorms where I could play Risk, quarters and Axis and Allies any night of the week.

I would chose A&A over a number of the top 100 games as well. Simple fun. Why spend an hour trying to remember a bunch of rules when you can jump right in and play. :)
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