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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


A resolution that just happened to be made around the time the New Year was upon us

Part I: Personal

I decided that I would work no more than 50 hours each week.

Of course that means only working four 12 hour days, or three 12 hour days and an 8 hour day, which will probably lose me my claim on a regular cab, but oh well. I'll just drive whatever car is available, if any. I'll continue to work my secondary job as they need me, usually a day or two each week.

Don't confuse this with a New Year's resolution, because that had absolutely nothing to do with it. For me the breaking point was having to admit that I couldn't contribute bi-weekly to the Gone Gaming blog. I didn't have the time to compose a good bi-weekly post, nor had I spent much time playing games with my friends in the last several months. My days and weeks have been spent either working or sleeping. I found that if I took a day off I mostly wasted it sleeping.

I was even tempted to go back to work for my old employer for a good wage and a regular work week, but common sense prevailed. I did some research, discovered that the same bitches who drove me away in the first place still worked there, and decided to not subject myself to that agony.

Part II: Gaming

Since I made my resolution I've played a few times and have learned The Great Dalmuti, End of the Triumvirate, and Capt'n Clever.

If it were a horse race I'd have to give the race to Capt'n Clever by a length.

The first is a card game. It is a fun, but no better than average filler. It might shine as a game for non-gaming social events such as a family get together. The second is another soulless euro specifically designed for 3 players. It might be good, but so far I am ambivalent. I have played twice, which isn't enough to offer an enlightened comment. The third is a children's game that my kids seem to love.

I don't feel particularly impressed to comment further on any of them. I would recommend Capt'n Clever as a good game for children up to 12 years of age.

Since our last visit Friedrich still impresses me as having the potential to be a classic wargame, perhaps even spawning other wargames using the same system. Only time will tell. So far the Prussians have not won any of our games, but they are doing better. Requiring the Prussian player to state at the beginning of the 3rd round if he will try for the offensive win seems very iffy to me. There will be no or very, very little combat on the first round. There might be a couple minor battles fought on the second round and before the Prussian player takes his next move he has to decide which option he will choose to win? I would have given him until round 5 to make that decision.

Part III: Taxi story

Passenger: "Can I have a drink of that?" Motioning to my Dr. Pepper from Taco Bell.

Me: After giving him a long side long glance, "Do you have money?"

Passenger: "You're going to charge me for a drink?"

Me: "No. Do you have money?"

Passenger: "Of course I have money."

Me: "I need to see it."

Passenger: "I have money. I wouldn't have called a cab if I didn't have money."

Me as I pulled the car to the side of the road: "I need to see it."

Passenger: "What? You don't think I have money?"

Me: "Show it to me."

Passenger: "You're kidding?"

Me: "No. I need to see it or you need to get out."

Passenger after a long pause: "Well I don't have money, but my uncle is paying for the ride when we get there."

That is what people always say when they don't have money. Sometimes it is the truth.

Me: "What's his number? I need to call and confirm that."

Passenger: "Man. He doesn't have a phone."

Me: "How do you know he is paying?"

Passenger: "I don't believe this. He will pay. I'm telling you he will pay."

Me: "If I can't talk to him you need to get out."

Passenger getting out of the cab: "How did you know I didn't have any money?"

I never did answer him, but instead of asking to drink from my soda a person with money would have said, "Can you stop at that convenience store right there so I can get something to drink?"

Actually, if memory serves, I picked him up at a convenience store.

I think you have the basics for a sequel: "My Cousin Vinny Drives a Taxi." :)

Cab drivers always have the best stories.
I picked up The Mrs. at a bar, but at least I bought the drinks.
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