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Thursday, December 07, 2006


You can all go to sleep now. The judges have spoken. Our governor is the hottest.

According to the Wonkette, a D.C. based gossip column, Governor Sarah Palin is the hottest Gov in the U S of A.

Still no word on how many "hot" votes the new First Husband and children had after the initial ballots were cast.

This bit of news is quite a relief for most Alaskans, as the previous governor was not only arrogant, but severely photogenically challenged. The combination of two did not serve the former governor well. At one point former governor Frank Murkowski was less popular than Ohio's corrupt governor Bob Taft. The one thing keeping Murkowski's approval rating from dropping even lower was that John Kerry was even more arrogant, less photogenic, and in the news much more often.

The staff and management of &games offers a hearty handshake, wink and nudge to the lucky Mr. Palin.

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