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Monday, November 20, 2006


Please help.

I have been asked how to download the audio review of Wits and Wagers to an MP3 player. I know very little about MP3 players. Can someone point us in the right direction, please?

Follow the link to the Gabcast! page and in the "Now Playing" box (on the right side of the page) there is a "Download file" link. Click (or right-click, as appropriate for your browser) and save the file to disk. From there it should be easy to upload the file to most MP3 players.

Maybe not the most convenient method, but not all that difficult either.

Nice review of Wits & Wagers, by the way.
Thank you. x2.
It would be good to have an mp3 link for your podcasts - if not an RSS feed. I like your podcasts a lot, mainly because they are the right length.
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