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Saturday, November 25, 2006


I am a loser

I hope you and yours had a happy Thanksgiving.

I got lucky and played games on both Friday and Saturday on this Thanksgiving weekend. Come to think of it I even played a couple party games on Thursday. Played Wits and Wagers and Blurt after Thanksgiving dinner at a non-gamer friend's house. Played Fury of Dracula a couple times, Taj Mahal a couple times (I bumped my rating up to a 10 on BGG), Merchants of Amsterdam (which is an underlooked Knizia design IMO). Also played Hive a few times, Mission Red Planet, Hey! That's My Fish, Cluzzle, Thurn and Taxis, and a couple others.

Oh. Did I mention that I stormed out of a game of Inkognito? Taught Inkognito to my wife and two others this weekend. After making a few mistakes on the first game we called it and started a second game after everyone was clear on the rules.

About 3/4 of the way through the game I stormed off and refused to play any more. Possibly never again.

It started with my wife. She showed me the same set of 3 cards. It was only the second time I was able to interrogate her and she showed me the same three cards that she showed me the first time. That is against the rules, and was made clear during the first game. She refused to either correct her mistake or, as the rules state: remove one of the 3 cards and show me only 2.

OK. Forget it. I'm pretty sure I know her identity, anyway.

Later another player handed me a set of cards that could not possibly be true, based upon previous interrogations of that player. That player had been making, admitting to, and correcting mistakes the whole game, but when I called her/him on it he/she refused to admit that a mistake had been made.

That was it for me. It was completely pointless to continue. I felt as though I was banging my head against a wall for nothing. The game could have only ended by accident if people weren't paying attention.

Before the next game of Inkognito I am going to take a marking pen and write; tall, short, fat and thin on all the appropriate cards. Short and fat are easily confused if you are unobservant, as are tall and thin. Funny enough the mistake in question (the one that caused me to storm off) was over identities, not body types.

Your experience with Incognito sounds like the time I played Black Vienna. The guy at our table (you may know him, his name is Fuck Up Everything Guy) fucked up everything. Jesus. After about an hour and a half of really, really dire and serious Clue:Master Detective On Steroids note-taking mishegas, someone looks up and says in a sepulchral voice, "F-U-E Guy, are you sure? I'm pretty sure you meant to say 2 spies, not 0 spies." They already know. Once they say it, yeah, I notice the Guy in question begin to blush slightly.

He always does this. He gets major things wrong, totally accidentally. What'll it be this time? Let's find out! Fuckup Guy looks at his face-down spies, and lets out a self-effacing groan mixed with sheepish pleasure. "Oh. Yeah, yeah. Uh, that means that I said the last few of them wrong, too. Maybe we can just rewind a few turns?"

Table descends abruptly into chaos thereafter.

Still not as awkward as the time we were playing Spades. Fuck Up Everything guy failed to follow suit, and was called on it by his own card-counting partner after another couple of tricks.
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