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Wednesday, November 15, 2006



On day one of BGG.CON I was kicking myself for not bringing a notebook and pen to note all the games I had played, and all the people I met. About midway through the second day I got my hands on of a pen and paper and started recording that information. That lasted for about one hour. I was just having too much fun to take notes, or perhaps it would be more correct to say I was having too much fun to remember to take notes.

Soooooo, that means some of the people in these pictures shall have to remain nameless, and possibly misidentified (although I don't think so).

Simon Hunt teaching Rick Thornquist and Kim Beattie (Kimbo) (unpictured) Arabica at the BBQ joint.

Scott Nicholson from Boardgames With Scott

Okiedokie and his posse (Dwayne Hendrickson, rear right)

Sandy Stumpf (Sandysidamo) and Jason Henke (jhenke) I played a number of games with these two. This was Silk Road.

Ave Caesar with (from left): myself, Duffy (Carter? aka: munin?), Sterling Babcock, and Rodney Loyd (Hotrodqt)

Darrell (Get-That-Camera-Away-From-Me-Before-I-Backhand-You) Hanning. I have always enjoyed reading his game commentary over the years.

Dr. Glaze from behind, Simon Hunt, Kuhrusty (Rusty Ballinger) seen here planning his winning move while Simon was distracted, and someone who I should remember but don't. Sorry.

From the left: Rodney, me, Pedro from Brazil, I forget his name but he was a good Taj Mahal teacher, Jason

Didn't get any names, but for posterity I snapped a picture of the one guy at the con who had never played Puerto Rico. The fellow facing the camera was teaching the game.

Ava Jarvis (BilboAtBagEnd), Daniel Karp (Dakarp), and Anye Sellers (DietEvil) square off with me for a game of Desert Bazaar.

Matthew Monin (Octavian) in a pose he calls "Blue Steel" (or was it "Magnum"?)

Rodney's son Hank (QTBigBankHank), myself, and Rodney.

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