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Friday, October 13, 2006

Game night at the Boys and Girls club was frickin' great this week.

I showed up about an hour earlier than I usually do. There were many more kids there than usual and about 15 wanted to play. The kids ranged in age from 6 years old to middle school age. Of course I was not prepared for that many participants. Luckily I brought a new game with me that night, Bamboleo. I just had the kids form a line and take turns taking pieces off the board until someone caused the board to crash. Bamboleo went over surprisingly well for such a large group. All the kids were involved offering advice as to which pieces should be removed, and the best method to remove them. I have brought Villa Paletti with me from time to time, but I doubt most of the kids had ever seen a dexterity game like Bamboleo before.

The crowd thinned out fairly quickly as parents arrived to pick up their children, and as soon as we were down to eight kids I brought out Pitch Car. You would have thought I had brought in a PS4. Only 2 or 3 of the kids had ever played Pitch Car, and all the newbies were all taken with the game. I mean they thought it was the best thing since candy. The Pitch Car commotion drew the attention of several other kids and soon we had to split into teams to accommodate everyone.

Note: Pitch Car with teams of elementary aged children doesn't work very well.

At that point I broke out Hamster Rolle for the overflow crowd. Hamster Rolle was another hit. Too bad it only accommodates four players.

After that we had a Bamboleo tournament, and finished the night with more Pitch Car.

Quote heard 40,000 times that evening: Concerning the Bamboleo box cover, "Hey! There's a naked guy!"

I think I will leave the Bamboleo box at home from now on.

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