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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Wake the Kids, Phone the Neighbors

A new edition of Monopoly is out. It's called Monopoly Here and Now.

It follows closely on the heels of the electronic, debit-card Monopoly.

Times Square takes the place of Boardwalk. Fenway Park(?) is where Park Place used to be. Jacobs Field in Cleveland and Dallas' Texas Stadium are on the low end properties. The Grand Ole Opry, Gateway Arch, and Golden Gate Bridge are among the other properties.

Personally, I would have placed the Una-Bomber's cabin on the low end, along with Osama's cave. The Clinton Library would be in the light blue properties. The Vietnam War Memorial would have been included somewhere in my version, as would Ground Zero. I would probably keep the Opry.

And the top property in Coldfoot-opoly? The elusive EIB building.

But the truth be told, not only will I not be buying any version of Monopoly anytime soon, I wouldn't even play my version.

*All the information provided was gleaned from Erik Arneson at About Board/Card Games.

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