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Monday, September 11, 2006


The Summer of Our Discontent Unveiled

As the leaves fall away what do they reveal?

And just a few trees over.

Been a bad year for bees and other stinging insects in the interior of Alaska. Fifty people die every year in America from bee/wasp/hornet/etc. stings. This year two of those deaths were in Fairbanks. The odds of that have to be pretty astronomical. Am told that after the first guy died the Emergency Room was swamped with bee sting patients.

I've been stung twice this year myself. These two nests in my yard are about 25' high. Couldn't see them until the leaves started falling. Had swarms of stinging critters hanging around my porch this year, couldn't figure out where they were coming from. After a couple more hard frosts these trees are coming down.

Had some of their friends at my place. Yeeouch.
Actually, sounds like it's been a good year for the bees. A bad year for their pesky neighbors.

I found a nest fallen from a tree in my yard. I hope to get all the trees on my property taken down next year.
Check this out!
Nests as big as a Volkswagon?

Alabama, Alaska. Hmmm. Thriving insect populations isn't the result of a mild winter. We had the coldest winter in decades.

Ah-ha, I think I see the common thread. But before I go public with my discovery I want to hear from people in Arkansas and Arizona.
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