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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The Geekies

I have played more of the nominees for the Boardgamegeek "Game of the Year" than I thought possible. I've played 11 of the 15 nominees in the "Gamers Games" category. I found none of the nominees in the "Gamers Games" category to be outstanding, although Reef Encounter might achieve that status if I can play a few more games.

Here's how I voted,
note: I doubt my votes coincide with my current rating on BGG.

1. Reef Encounter
2. TI3
3. Railroad Tycoon
4. Descent
5. Thurn and Taxis
6. Caylus
7. Louis XIV
8. Shadows Over Camelot
9. Tempus
10. Hacienda
11. Elasund

Here are my top 7 games in the "Family" category.

1. Niagara
2. T2R: Europe
3. Railroad Tycoon
4. Thurn and Taxis
5. Ingenious
6. Manila
7. Shadows Over Camelot

And in the "Wargame" category I've played 6 of the 15 nominees. Here I Stand is the only game in any of the categories I find to be truly outstanding.

1. Here I Stand
2. Command and Colors
3. Conquest of the Empire
4. TI3
5. Crusader Rex
6. Twilight Struggle

To cast your vote click here.

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