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Thursday, August 03, 2006



For those who care about such things:

I'm still working 7 days a week, two 8 hour days, and five 12 hour days.

The middle of this month I plan on taking a mini-vacation with my family. When I come back, around the 25th, I will be down to six days each week, with the flexibility to take an occasional, extra day off for gaming. Perhaps more importantly, the kids will be in school so I will have a better opportunity to sleep during the day.

Once school starts I will be back to gaming one evening each week with kids, probably on the 8 hour day.

Next week will be another bad one. Four days at one job and five days at the other.

With all the hours I am working I have been able to acquire games at a frantic pace, I just don't have time to play them.

See you then.

Well, it's about time. The Boy is missing your eldest.
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