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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


(Title deleted) How about...

... After Being Solicited 3-4 Times Each Week to Link to On Line Casino Sites for the Last Year, I Found This to be Refreshingly Humorous, Both Because of the Theme of the Game and Because it Starts Out Like the Nigerian Money Scam, Yet Turns Out to be Sincere.

Hello and greetings from Japan!

Hi. First off, let me apologize for emailing you out of the blue. You
don't know me, and we have never met, but I found your website on the
Internet and am very interested that you are game enthusiast and reviewer.

My name is ____________ and I am writing to you today from Kanazawa,
Japan. I am actually writing on behalf of myself and two friends, active
gamer guys, and we just cooked up a game that we think will be great fun.
Let me just put the caveat out there that this is the very first game that
we have produced, that we are not professional game company guys, and that
what we have put together was a labor of love, as well as bitter-sweet
experience. This is very much a "home grown" game and this is our first
attempt at any of this.

Our game is a card game called "WHIPPED!". The premise of the game is that
no matter what, no matter how much you love hanging out with your buddies,
playing games, enjoying "guy life", sooner or later girlfriends, and then
maybe spouses, will disrupt what was once, a very happy arrangement of
hanging out with your friends.

In our game, you start out with three friends and are allowed to play
"bond" cards on them to solidify your friendships. The "bonds" may be
"Wednesday night football", "Paintball", "On-line gaming" or some such
thing. These bonds protect your friendships. Other players may play
"Whips" on your friendships like "She calls" or "Do those Dishes" or
"Attend Poetry Reading". Your bonds disappear, friends who are "bond-less"
can get whipped out of your life. The last man with a friend left on the
table is the "winner". The other guys are completely whipped.

In short, our game is about the gamer experience. The tag-line for our
game is "Male friendship under siege".

We have just received our first printing of the game from China and are
very keen to get some reviewers to try out our game. Would you be
interested in playing our game and giving us your thoughts on it? A review
from you would be wonderful, and we would be happy to use comments that
you have on the game on our website, and of course link back to your site.

Thank you very much for your time and for reading this!

Best regards,

Kanazawa, Japan
Whipped!: The Card Game

I told him he would save a ton on shipping if he would just send my copy to Tom Vasel.

I've actually been cold-contacted about reviewing computer games.
I've had a couple of these, although previous ones were for games that didn't appear to so completely suck.

The one guy who said he would send me a review copy never did.
Got my *second* DVD today. Give in to the dark side, coldfoot!
Actually, it sounds cute. Not my type of game, but cute.
Hello all,

I'm the guy who sent the inquiry and I have to say I was quite surprised at seeing it posted here. My name is Mark Groenewold and I am one of three guys who created this game.

The reason that I sent the query note (a common practice for publishing anything to experts in the field) is that we are hoping to generate reviews of our game to publicize it.

I agree that our game is not for everyone, but with the people we have contacted we have received quite a bit of positive feedback both on the theme and the gameplay. Lots of people have used the word "hilarious", and a couple may have said, "bizarre". But we like that too.

We are not going to sell you any Nigerian generated prescription drugs or real estate. We have no intention of trying to "enhance" any part of you. We are just three guys who, for the first time, cooked up this crazy game. We think it will be a blast. It sure was fun making it.

Anyways, sorry to have made some of you guys a bit cranky.

All the best,

Mark Groenewold
Kanazawa, Japan

I just saw the new change for the title of your latest entry! Very funny. Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Mark Groenewold
Granted, the title may have been harsh. It did set the wrong tone for my intentions.

In my twisted sense of humor I found your letter to be humorous in a couple different ways. Thought someone else might find it funny too.

Good luck with your game, but if I hurt your feelings I would suggest getting thicker skin before reviews of your game hit the internet.
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