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Monday, May 15, 2006


Urban Hicks

True story:

As some of you might know, I drive a taxi from time to time. A young fellow and his girlfriend got into my cab yesterday. As we started down the road the fellow asked me to roll up his window. He must have been in his mid-twenties.

I said, "It's a crank, you need to roll it up."

"A what?"

We were going about 35 mph, I assumed that the wind must have drowned out my voice. I repeated, "It's a crank." I could see him looking around, so I added, "It's down by your knee."

"Can't you just get it?"

"No. It's a crank, it's right there," I said turning to the back seat and pointing.


"A what?"

The guy's girlfriend smacked him and pointed. "Crank it," she said.


She reached over and rolled up the window.

Turns out this guy had never seen a non-electronic car window. He did not have a clue.

One geek gold to the person who can guess where they were from.

FYI I was driving a late 90s model Suburban. Having a few 4-wheel drives on hand is a necessity for any cab company in Alaska.

Hint: New England

Sounds like a native of our fair city of Los Angeles.
You're making me feel old...
I'll say Vermont.

For those wondering: No, Koldie did not tell me this story.
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