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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Good, Good Memorial Day Weekend

Hope you had a good weekend too, even if you live in a country that didn't have a three day holiday weekend.
Remember that scene in Cool Hand Luke where Paul Newman eats 50 eggs in one hour? I think I could eat 50 deviled eggs in an hour.
Taught Rheinlander to several people over the weekend. The wife handily won each game. Rheinlander continues to impress me as a good, hour-long, light to medium weight game for 3-5 players.

Taught Caylus to two newbies. I don't know. Everyone seems to like the game, but the more I play the less I like. I started out as luke-warm on Caylus, appreciated it more after a couple plays, and can now take it or leave it.

I wonder if the "cube" track on the Royal Favors Chart should be doubled. A single cube as a royal favor seems kind of weak. I also wonder if the "VP" track should be a little more tempting. Instead of 1-5, I'm wonder if 3-8, or even 5-10 would make the royal favor more tempting. Either that or make the other two royal favors less attractive. Those two tracks don't seem to get used much, at least in our games.

Everyone else seems to like it, so I will continue to play.

Rheinlander also plays pretty well with the 2-player variant posted on the Geek, so Mrs. Koldie can beat you head-to-head. ;)
I feel the same way about Caylus. After 10 or so plays, I'm pretty much done with it. It's boring.
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