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Monday, May 22, 2006


Editing room floor.

I was looking through some of the blog entries that I had started and never posted. Here are a couple.


BGG: My Space for the literate, usually.

The following is cut and pasted directly from Boardgamegeek. I did not edit it:

Subject: Mystic Lands
Hey Im making a game called Mystic lands its a role playing game does any one want the derections for it when Im done making it.
you will need a 3 sided dice a 6 sided 8 sided 12 sided and a 19 sided dice to play it. post if you are interesded.

Maybe you should have your mother proofread the rules prior to sending the game off to a publisher.

And, although one person did post a picture of an honest-to-goodness 3-sided-die, users were left to speculate what a 19 sided die might look like.


Knizia/ a one man think tank in boardgame design



Two men talking. They obviously knew each other well. One was an older, grey-haired man who kept a lot of dogs for mushing, the second a very effeminate younger man.

The older man said, "Stop on by the house this weekend. I'll put you to work building dog kennels."

"How much are you paying?"

"I haven't thought about it. What's the goin' rate for fags these days?"

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