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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


DaVinci Code Boardgame

http://www.thedavincigame.com/ http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/23181

We ought to organize a boycott.

Why? There are at least six games that have the phase DaVinci in them.

Not living in the States, and thus not being confronted with all the stupid crap that qualifies for news around here, I will explain.

There is entirely too much controversy surrounding the Davinci Code movie. The Catholic Church is boycotting the movie. Christians and femininsts are going at it over the movie. There is even talk of lawsuits.

I could get behind a boycott of this not-too-promising-looking game.
Why? Gamers aren't going to buy it anyway. And why would you care what non-gamers buy?
Well, it's easy to crank out a half-baked, old-fashioned, junk game like this, jumping on the current pop culture bandwagon. Too bad, because the subject could be the basis for some excellent Euro-games; perhaps we'll see them in the future.
I'm in. Gerald is in. Ryan's not going to buy it.

Woooo-hoooo. I'd call that a successful boycott.

I shall now turn my attention to influencing the New Orleans mayoral election.
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