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Monday, March 20, 2006


Busy week

Here's a shout out to any Alaskan boardgamers who might secretly read &Games.

Brimfrost, the only game convention in Alaska, will be this next weekend at the Egan Center. The convention is, as always, hosted by the Anchorage Miniature Gaming Club. The event is mostly miniature stuff, but there is an Advanced Civ game scheduled and a Settlers tourney. The usual ASL tourney was scrapped this year, but I know of at least 2 die hard ASL fans who will be there, it should be easy to get a game going if you are up for it. Word is that there might be a Twilight Imperium 3 game in the works if there is enough interest. I note that there is a Texas Hold 'Em thingee on the agenda also.

I'll be there. I'm always up for a boardgame. I'd say just look for the fat guy, but that wouldn't help. Look for my wife. That should narrow it down quite a little. I'm the fat guy with the female. If there are several women there, she's the one who is taller than you. That should narrow it down enough.

My name is Brian, btw.

Because I'll be in Anchorage for several days, I'm working some extra days this week. I'll be lucky to have time post much more than this.


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