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Monday, February 27, 2006


Reef Encounter

Played Reef Encounter for the first time tonight. My initial impression is that it is a game you want to have taught to you by someone who already knows the game. Barring that knowing the rules is not enough. You should sit down and play through a few rounds by yourself just to get a feel for it. Especially if you have a group that doesn't like to have to learn games from scratch.

It looks like a good game. I am really looking forward to playing again. We did miss several important rules that effected gameplay negatively, and I'm not sure my group is eager to play again.

You could also start playing on SpielByWeb where rules are enforced. I find it easy to learn games that way.

Excellent game, good for you for trying it.
But whatever you do...we'll be waiting for an audio post...

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