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Wednesday, February 15, 2006



I was looking to buy a new phone, preferably one that had better transmission quality than the two I currently own. I was looking on line and couldn't find any information about phones with good transmission quality.

Lots of phones claimed to have better listening quality, some claimed to be specifically designed so that hearing impaired users could distinguish individual sounds. I looked at phones in Radioshack, I looked at phones at Sears, none of the phones had information on the box about transmission quality.

So I bought a $4 phone at the thrift store. (Passed on 2 copies of 3M's Acquire btw.)

Let's see if it functions any better.

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Another excellent audio review.

Since I probably will never be in a position to play Power Grid, I appreciate the concise explanation of it and your comments about it. I can now see why it is a very popular game. Although I'm always looking for good 5-6 player games, the games also have to fit within about a 60-90 minute time frame, maximum. Power Grid will not match well with our family game group.

I have found no problems with the quality of your audio reviews, in sound, content, or presentation, Coldfoot. Good job!
I really enjoy your your audio reviews, but I had really missed he abillity to download them with in iTunes with my other podcasts.

After investigating a couple of other audioblogger podcasts, I found that there is in fact an RSS feed pointing to the audio files (since the RSS feed for blog posts does not contain the XML enclosures for the audio files, this feed does not work as expected in iTunes, or other RSS readers). The link to the feed, in case anyone else is interested, is http://www.audioblogger.com/media/81731/rss.xml
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