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Monday, February 13, 2006


Kudos to GMT/Changes

I noted that I had a GMT charge on my credit card a couple months ago. That was good, I was really looking forward to playing Commands and Colors. Well it never arrived. Meanwhile I read numerous reports on C&C from Alfred over at the orange blog (or was it Brian at the green blog, I forget) as well as on BGG which only served to whet my appetite. Waited. Nothing. Mail delivery is not always reliable in these parts, so I waited a little longer. Nothing. Finally I contacted GMT and asked them to track the package, if that was possible.

Turns out I was charged for Here I Stand which should be shipping shortly. They had no record of me P500ing (pre-ordering) Commands and Colors, but offered to sell me a copy for the P500 price. As I recall I was one of the first 30 people to sign up for C&C. I signed up when it was on the P1250 list (or P1500, whichever it was) long before it was announced that the game would use blocks in order to cut down on price.

Commands and Colors just arrived today. Now I just need to schedule some vacation time so I can get the stickers applied to the blocks. Maybe I should just swing by the Mission and pick up some day-laborers to apply stickers. My fingers still hurt 5 years later when I think about applying the little flag-stickers in Serenissima.


Look for more audio reviews and fewer written posts in this blog for the foreseeable future. I'm archiving the audio reviews alphabetically on 5 Minute Boardgame Reviews.

I'll probably do that until I burn out. It takes some work to get some of these reviews to fit into a 5 minute slot.

After I get a few more audio reviews "in the can" and work out a couple other items I might put out the call for anyone who wants to submit 5 minute audio reviews. If there's enough interest, maybe we can put them on a real website.

The next thing I need to do is to invest in a new phone. Right now I've got one phone that hums and one phone that pops.


Had a record high temperature yesterday. It was 38F. in Fairbanks. That's 90+ degrees warmer than it was a couple weeks ago. It's hard to get anything done when it gets this warm. We just sit around in front of the fan and drink lots of fluids. Even my dog doesn't want to come into the house. He just lies on a snowbank and pants. He even refuses to bark at squirrels, he just kind of coughs at them.

Boardgamers do it for hours,

That is why I prefer going direct via or comapny, FNGS, or a smaller online retailer. I hate dealing with the "man". I had something like this happen at funagain and they could careless.
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