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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Carcassonne: The Review/Worst Audio Quality Yet!!!

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I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS! I really do not believe this -----

Our family group has been playing Carcassonne with a wrong rule interpretation since March 2002!

I enjoyed your review very much, but when you mentioned the placement of meeples on roads and cities that someone else is already on, I thought, "That's not right; that's the rule in Hunters & Gatherers, not in regular Carcassonne." We have, for the past four years allowed a person playing a tile to place a meeple anywhere on that tile, even if (for example) its city edge joins a city edge of a tile already containing a meeple. Our rule results in frequent competitive situations in which two or more players are vying for the most meeples in a city, in a field, or on a road. It's much more cutthroat than H&G, and obviously more cutthroat than the rules intended.

Well, thanks for clarifying that for us, I think. We enjoy Carcassonne a LOT, and perhaps we enjoy it so much because of the constant "battles." We will try playing it by the rules, now, but I wouldn't be surprised to see us go back to the way we have been playing.

I know you don't care a lot for Carcassonne, as it is. Try playing it by our unintentional modification -- you might find it more challenging and fun.

Keep up the excellent audio reviews. Maybe we're playing other games wrong, too. :-)
I must admit I do like Hunters and Gatherers a million times more than the regular version.

I hate the regular version so much that I have never invested in any expansions. Some people say certain expansions make the game much better.

Thanks for the compliment.
We always play with three expansions: The River (not much impact, but a good way to start the board quickly; it's a little dangerous to commit a meeple to a river tile, except for the Cloister); Inns and Cathedrals (really enhances scoring of roads and cities, but also leaves them a bit chancey if they are drawn late in the game, since an unfinished city containing a cathedral or road with an inn counts for no points at the end of the game); and Traders and Builders (builders are used frequently to get an extra play; the trade goods at the end of the game count for a lot of points, making it desirable to finish certain cities for other players; and the pig sometimes makes a big difference in a large field). I would not enjoy playing Carcassonne without those enhancements.

We also added some of the suggested extra rules involving Aurochs (found on BGG) when playing H&G. That spices up the valley acquisitions and causes players to definitely try to connect valleys to steal or share the high scores.
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