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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Space Hulk Treatise

Found a blog with a promising name, Roll Dice and Kick Ass! by Scottish blogger, John McLintock. I don't recognize the name, I think he may be a boardgame enthusiast who isn't plugged into the larger boardgame community. I'm sure someone will correct me if I should know him, but that's neither here nor there. This is about his Space Hulk comments.

I've never played Space Hulk, but I would if I knew anyone with a copy. It is a long out-of-print game from the 1980s. Doom: The Boardgame, which is a recent game I do enjoy, is said to be based upon Space Hulk. Space Hulk is an older game that seems to have a core of enthusiasts who keep it from fading into obscurity.

Anyhooooooo, like I said, I have never played the game, but this 3000+ word write-up on Space Hulk whetted my interest in the game. Thought I would point it out.

The article is posted on 3 different days, I linked to part 3 in my title, scroll down to January 2, when you are on his blog.

Here are two other sites some of you might find interesting, one from game designer Matt Forbeck, http://www.forbeck.com/, and a game enthusiast blog that I hadn't noted before 2!3054) Speaks. http://www.fwgc.net/weiqi/

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