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Sunday, January 22, 2006


The Menorah game. No, really.

I finally got to play Yehuda's Menorah game. For those of you reading this blog because of the Alaska connection or my family, Yehuda is a fellow blogger on the Gone Gaming blog. I played a two player game with a friend of mine. His kids were completely disinterested in the menorah theme and my wife is still refusing to learn new games. That left the two of us.

I've almost played the Menorah game several times, the latest was Friday night. We had it set up and would have started, but we needed to supply our own tokens to play the game (simply due to the fact that I told Yehuda to not ship the tokens to save on postage). We decided it would be easiest to use coins. Between us we had about 27 cents. By the time we came up with 83 cents and a couple red dice to stand in for nickels and a couple white dice to replace pennies, the fifth player arrived and we switched games.

I can't give the game a decent review after one play, but it seems like pretty good filler.

I can say that for once I had a gaming epiphany. After about two rounds I "got it". I blew my opponent out of the water. This is noteworthy because it is usually I who has to play a game a couple times to begin to see strategy not him. He usually "gets" a game before I figure out which is the draw pile and which is the discard pile.

I'm looking forward to another game. Hopefully with four players.

Kudos to Yehuda. Neat little game. If it had a Lord of the Rings theme it would have been picked up by a major publisher.

Good gaming,

Gee, thanks!

I didn't realize it would be so much trouble to find counters to play with.

A word about the number of players:

2: Derk and Aldie tried it this way, as did a few others, who thought it would work best multiplayer, like many other auction games. On the other hand, it is the favorite way of my daughter's and her friends. Personally, I like it 2-player a lot.

3: This is my sweet spot. I think it is a nice filler for three players, and you usually only have to reshuffle once.

4: The best as far as auctioning goes. In 4-player, the wild cards are particularly valuable, because you are likely to be at the end of the game hoping for the card you need as the deck cycles. If you don't have a wild card, you will blame the game for having too much luck :-). My only fault with it here is that you usually have to reshuffle a few times.

Thanks again for the review.

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