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Saturday, December 03, 2005


A couple links of interest.

I just added 21 game links and 9 Alaska links in the left hand column. Not all of the game links were in Yehuda's recent links update.

For now the new links are at the bottom of the list. I will reorganize alphabetically in a couple weeks.

In particular let me point out the following game links:

Another Point of Singularity By Roboblogger Walt O'Hara. His blog alone accounts for about 1/4 of my average, daily feed on my RSS aggregator.

Inklings Cafe, from Wilson Tan in Singapore. Lots of personal pictures recently, all of them interesting, and he has a history of writing good game content.

Amy's Artifacts, Thoughts from the infamous Sexy Amy over at BGG.

Game Guts, I just found this site a couple days ago. From a former Wizards of the Coast employee and aspiring game designer, Adam Conus.

San Antonio Boardgamers. Lots of contributors.

Until I get them alphabetized I'm not certain I have included all the RSS feeds I get.

Thanks. I have added a few, too.

I'll give an update once in a while.

Golly, 1/4th? I had no idea I was that prolific. Should I cut back?

Actually, I exaggerated slightly 'cause I wanted to say "Roboblogger".

But only slightly.
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