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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Gonna slow down on blogging until gaming picks up.

Dang water pipes were frozen when we woke this morning. It was -30 F.* Normally the water isn't an issue until it gets to -50 F. I hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come, or it could be a long winter. I think the main problem is that we haven't had as much snow as we should. It isn't even ankle deep yet. It isn't even deep enough to shovel up around the base of the house for insulation. If we don't get more snow for insulation the septic system could freeze, and once the septic freezes it is just a hassle for the rest of the winter.


I've alluded to it a couple times, but it has been a slow couple months of gaming around here. Since I switched over to full-time nights I haven't been able to make the Boys and Girls Club on Thursday evenings. No matter how hard I try to sleep earlier in the day, I can't get to sleep until late afternoon. That puts a crimp into evenings at Boys and Girls Club, not to mention every other evening of the week.

I've been working nights for years and have never had this problem before. I can usually sleep whenever I decide to sleep. Guess I'm getting old.

I've been feeling remiss with so few game related posts in the last few weeks. I usually have no problem posting at least 2, 3, even 4 times each week if you count Gone Gaming. Lately, I'm having trouble cranking out more than the one article I'm expected to write on Friday for Gone Gaming. I decided that I'm not going to worry about it and cut back on my blogging until I have some suitable game content.

I'm sure my blogging will pick up again when they get new staff hired and I'm able to resume my old schedule.

Harvey stopped by for games unexpectedly the other day. Played 2-player Samurai. It ended in a dead tie, we thought that was highly unlikely. We rehashed the game and determined that we made no mistakes, the game was dead even.

I then introduced him to GIPF. He has played ZERTZ, YINSH and DVONN before, so GIPF didn't have much of a learning curve. He is a quick study on games. Strategy that usually only becomes apparent to me after a couple games, he picks up on right away. I won, but only because of a misunderstanding. I had explained that one of the ways to win was to capture all of your opponent's GIPF pieces. He didn't realize that only the stacked pieces were the GIPFs, he thought all the pieces were called GIPFs. Despite this misunderstanding the game drug on for quite a while. He probably could have won earlier had he been clear on the proper terminology.

Good gaming,

* For those of you who double check my claim of -30; note that it is almost always 10 degrees colder east of Fairbanks than in town, especially when the temperature drops below 0 F. The temperature difference is related to elevation. It is almost always 5 degrees colder just outside of North Pole (the name of a town east of Fairbanks) than in North Pole. The record cold temperature is listed as -28. As I write this it is -18 in Fairbanks, -22 in North Pole, and -28 in my neighborhood just outside of North Pole.

That's pretty bad if you feel your readers are going to double check every claim you make. lol. Enjoy reading about games here. Makes me interested about some of these you write about.
Yeah. Cold out. We've really been burning the wood, here. Let me know if you're looking for a portable electric heater for thawing . . . I've got like 3 1500 Watt units.
Duck- I once mentioned that it was very cold on a different forum and we got into a big discussion about ice fog. The reason the subject of ice fog came up was because somebody went to Wunderground to see for themselves and saw that ice fog was in the forecast.

I figured I'd better cover my bases when I claimed that it was -30 and the record low was only -28.

John- We got it thawed easily enough. We were surprised more than anything.
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