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Saturday, November 19, 2005


Geek Score


For those of you living in a cave, or reading this because of the Alaska connection, or my mom, Mark Jackson and Co. ventured to poll some prominent boardgamers to rank the 100 best games ever. http://fluffysnoop.blogspot.com/2005_11_01_fluffysnoop_archive.html
Anyone else own more games than they have played?

A geek score is the number of games you own in the top 100 plus the number you have played. I own 56 of the top 100 games, I've only managed to play 48. There are only a couple of the 48 I do not own.


My score is 60. I still can't believe how wacky the results get near the bottom of the list.
Own: 21
Played: 35
I've got the Dune (Avalon Hill version) and it's pretty good. Perhaps we should break it out. When I can find it . . . and, yes, I own unplayed games, too.
You have Dune??!!

Whatever you do, don't go to E-bay and see what it is going for these days.

We've been struggling with the French version. The French version is printed in some undecipherable foreign language. But, it has been published fairly recently, and is fairly easy to acquire.
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