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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Any Montana Gamers Reading This?

We (the family and I) will be in Missoula and Helena for a few weeks in December. If the weather is good there is a chance we could find an excuse to drive up to the northeastern part of the state. I've already made tentative arrangements to play games with a fellow BGGer in Missoula. Anyone else available? I can find an excuse to travel pretty far for a game, certainly a hundred miles as long as the roads are good. I wouldn't walk across the street to play Dungeon Twister or Monopoly, though. Drop me a line.


I met a gamer at the game store the other day. Paul Somers’ article on Gone Gaming came to mind. I felt like a Middle Schooler asking a girl for a date to the dance. Paul had it right. All us geeks need to get together and agree on a secret handshake or something. It shouldn't be too hard to get everyone to agree, after all we all agree that Francis Tresham is the best game designer ever, and Tigris and Euphrates is the best game ever.

The fellow at the game store seemed relatively stable, so we made a date to play some games. Originally, I told him that we would probably play some 4-player German games such as Puerto Rico since my wife would be playing. He was fine with that. Turns out Dame Coldfoot was feeling under the weather and was unable to play. That left me, Lance and the new guy. Lance isn’t too enthused with most 3-player games so that limited our choices. I brought San Marco and Through the Desert, the new guy was still agreeable and eager to play.

As it happened, another guy showed up, so we were able to play a 4-player game. We decided on Sword of Rome, a wargame, and he was still agreeable. After playing a few rounds he made the comment that he would like to buy a copy of the game. That’s always a good sign. We weren’t able to finish because I wussed out and had to take a nap before work, but it looks like the new guy might be a good fit in our group.

I'll next see him during the yearly, Advanced Civilization game on Thanksgiving weekend.

Seems like a nice guy. He’s not any geekier than the rest of us, he has a job and doesn’t live with his parents. He grew up on Avalon Hill games, but in recent years has been involved with computer games, RPGs and collectible fare. He isn’t too familiar with modern German games, nor card-driven wargames, but he wants to learn.


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